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Open Robot Data Platform, AirPath

Open Data
& Robotics

What can we do with today’s robots, accustomed to innovative communications, Internet open platforms, services, and content? The success of future service robots depends on whether they can create an open, interworking, compatible robot data environment that allows customers, developers, and robot consumers to participate.

Required open platform for service robots frees robots from functional upgrade restrictions and enables data compatibility and interworking between different robots.

Advanced service robots, Why can't we capture
our daily lives
that have become smart?

We already have a lot of robots in our futuristic factories and industrial sites. These “mechatronics” and “industrial” robots have now expanded their domain and emerged numerous times, advocating “social robots” that communicate with people and exchange emotions. However, it has failed over and over again without exception. What is the cause of the “service robot for customers” attempt?

Limited Connectivity

Without a fully connected platform for compatibility and interworking, data cannot be trusted by Wi-Fi only service robots that frequently black out data, and it is impossible to provide secure services.

Lack of operating systems and service platforms

With pre-programmed robots implemented through ROS and Linux, it is impossible to link solutions and content with the Internet's open platform or expand the service of robots using legacy data and services.

Data Ecosystem Absence

Based on closed industrial robots that repeat control-centric restrictions, robots cannot work with various service robots that support data ecosystems or capture rapidly changing customer needs

For sharing spatial data
Systematic datasets and
Data Pipeline

Security issues such as hacking and viruses of open-source robots have raised serious concerns for intelligent robot developers and customers who need to provide customer service by introducing them in a network and handling personal information.

The standard authentication system of robots for anti-hacking of robot devices and services, data compatibility and connection system for personal information security, etc. has become an urgent issue for robot developers, service developers using data, and customers who need to introduce multi-robot.

Open robot and data ecosystem
for hyper-robotics to communicate with robots.

AIRPATH is a robot data platform that enables interworking and compatibility with autonomous driving and intelligent service robots.

Standardize sensor data of advanced service robots and maximize utilization with open robot services through strong connectivity.

The AirPath platform presented by INTEGRIT is an embedded integrated framework for various operating systems, including Linux and Android, for authentication, security, access and control of various intelligent service robots. Access environments for advanced service robots, data quality can be provided, and a certified service platform can accelerate the commercialization of open robots to ensure service compatibility and expansion.

INTEGRIT’s open robotics framework effectively sends vast amounts of data from robots to the cloud, allowing developers to easily participate and expand into an “open robot business” for robots with overflowing content and various business models.

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Although various service robots are emerging as hyper-robotics services that maximize learning efficiency by sharing location and space data, it is impossible for robots to exchange data with other robots because they cannot structure or recycle space and environmental information data obtained through advanced centers.

Not even the basic authentication or security code to trust data is being considered.

This is because service robots lacked the recognition or necessity of network products and services that work with real-time systems in various environments, such as the ecosystem of smartphones.

The service robot should be able to select various content and AI services by the user who operates and manages the robot. It should be connected to the network in the most efficient way in the future, easily interworking with smartphones, and easy support for service development and app downloading for robots through ecosystems. INTEGRIT is creating new standards for the future with a platform for next-generation RaaS and robotics.

AI context intelligence
reinforced with open platforms.

The advanced AIRPATH framework Extended Package provides APIs for interworking with various global AI vision recognition platforms for facial recognition, behavior recognition, and intelligent AI vision recognition through vision cameras. It is easy to implement a service that utilizes various high-resolution vision recognition functions, including space, objects, people, and facial recognition functions of the service robot.

Intigritte supports vision context design and AI data processing to implement various AI services using population characteristics, environment, and situation.

Real-time robot control and control cloud services
created by sharing location and space data.

An open robotics platform, AIRPATH provides a variety of user interfaces and advanced visualization tools for remote control and control of AI robots.

It supports registration, authentication, security, database creation, robot collaboration, mission management, and scheduling of autonomous driving robots with various sensors and functions. From interworking with legacy systems to content compatibility, the integrated agent FlyingLet for a variety of robotic services makes it easy to provide real-time remote operation and control and extend to app services.

The success of the intelligent service robot market depends on the ability to create an environment where customers, service developers, and companies that provide robots can all participate. Intigrit’s ROS and Android integrated operating system provides an environment where complex multi-sensors can be easily interfaced and advanced autonomous driving functions, data transmission, and multimedia functions can be easily upgraded.

Intigritte is working with global robotics specialists in developing platforms for open service robots specializing in global robotics.

A New Ready platform for service robots unleashes the robot from the functional upgrade restrictions and dramatically shortens the development period


AI Autonomous

Security & Anti Virus

Edge AI

Eco system

Development Kit

Introduce the architecture of the embedded framework for advanced intelligent robots.

Intigritte provides a specific alternative for future service robots with extensive experience and insight for AI robotics, ranging from global next-generation communication standards, cloud systems, and embedded platforms.

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