Sharing The Moment

Intelligent IoT Kits with Integrit Cloud Analytics

The Undiscovered signal,

Bringing together with Inspiration

The Essense Answers
On the Internet of things,

INTEGRIT provides hyper connectivities
towards a sharing resource and connecting peoples

Ready to Discover,
INTEGRIT Personal Beacon

Bring to Your Smartphone into a Personal IoT System,
Complied IBeacon and Google Eddystone.

Creation of Inspirational Moment!

Discover Possibilities, Restoring be Inspired.

Restoring the Inspirable Moments,
and Treasured Memories,
What We Had forgotten

A moment of inspiration, Restore the potential in your creativity and forgotten dreams.
Start the journey of the imagination to endless inspiration

The Value spotters,
A Inspirable Moment,
Sense of Tomography
from Grate Nature

Through all Eternity,
Timeless Attraction of great nature have always been a source of
inspiration created by what we ask

The Rule Breakers,
Inspiration with Exploring the Expedition,
Challenging the Unknown
Open a new area Creation

Exploration of the wonders,
Open to challenge for the creation of new images.

The Dynamic Seekers,
There are no great people in this world,
only great challenges
which ordinary people rise to meet.
Thinking outside of the square
with Dynamic and Great challenges

Out against the world you break down the stereotypes
You must respect the dynamic creative thinking.

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인티그리트, 개인형 사물인터넷 키트 ‘비캣’출시

인티그리트, 개인형 사물인터넷 단말기 ‘비캣’ 출시 이상우2016-06-24 [IT동아 이상우 기자] 사물인터넷 플랫폼 전문기업 인티그리트가 개인화한 사물인터넷 서비스용 단말기 비캣(BEECAT)을 출시한다. 비캣은 초소형 블루투스 모듈, 온도/습도 센서, 중력 센서 등을 갖췄으며,...

Christin Cho
Brand Managing Div.

지능형 사물인터넷을 위한 특별한 아이덴테티, Undiscovered Signal

업계 최초 공유형 사물인터넷 서비스 [비트프럼비] 공개가 얼마 남지 않았습니다. [비트프럼비]는 트래커와 비컨이 결합된 개인형 사물인터넷 기기가 사용자와 연동하고, 지능형 클라우드 서버를 통하여 다양한 정보를 실시간으로 공유하는 최초의 서비스로, 다양한...

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